OrionVM named Finalist in Aussie Startup Competition

Next-gen cloud service provider OrionVM was recently named as a finalist in the Australian Startup Awards competition. With over 360 entrants, OrionVM distinguished itself from other competitors by becoming finalists in both Startup of the Year and Executive of the Year categories. Orion differentiates itself from traditional IaaS providers by providing cloud services using what founders have dubbed “A completely new blueprint.”

In a press release, OrionVM cofounder and CEO Sheng Yeo mentions, “We are honoured to be selected as a finalist in the Australian Startup Awards program. We strive to empower our employees and colleagues to achieve their goals, even when others are not willing to try or say it cannot be done. Sometimes those are the best opportunities to effect change.”

OrionVM has already grown to become the largest wholesaler of IaaS in Australia and the rapidly growing startup recently opened an office closer to Silicon Valley in nearby San Francisco. The startup has attracted the attention of larger technology companies who have begun purchasing services from OrionVM. D-Link and Vodaphone are a few clients named in the press release. OrionVM mentions that it already has over 450 clients worldwide including government entities and managed service providers. With such a rapidly growing operation, opening the office in San Francisco makes total sense. OrionVM notes that it is driven towards efficiency which equates into bigger profits for the operator.

OrionVM was founded in the dorm room of Alex Sharp and Sheng Yeo. In 2010, the duo attended the University of Technology in Sydney and they began visioning their concept for the way they thought IaaS should be delivered. Years later, that dream has come to fruition. OrionVM has attracted the attention and funding of Gordon Bell from Microsoft Research and Steve Baxter who represents Pipe Networks. More information about OrionVM can be found on their website.