RackWare Gets $2.3M in Funding to Fuel Growth

RackWare is a company that builds solutions for enterprises that allows them to dynamically change their cloud on the fly. RackWare’s flagship product is known as RackWare Management Module. This product gives administrators the ability to scale public and private cloud resources up and down. RMM also gives administrators the ability to move the computing loads between the public and private facilities. This advanced flexibility in service delivery affords IT administrators the ability to make the most of their onsite hardware while fully utilizing what the public cloud has to offer. RackWare can potentially save an organization a bundle of cash on their labor and cloud computing costs by being able to deliver such an agile platform.

RackWare’s success has been highlighted by the fact that the company recently took in another $2.3 million in investor funds. This is the second round of funding for the startup as the first round netted RackWare $3 million in funding back in 2013.

CEO and Co-founder Sash Sunkara mentions, “We’ve experienced phenomenal quarter over quarter growth in every corner of our business as enterprises increasingly turn to RackWare for cloud mobility and elasticity solutions. Continued investor confidence, as well as ongoing validation from partners and customers, underscores the work we’ve done to date.”

RackWare’s growth has certainly generated excitement as well as growth. RackWare has inked partnerships and deals with cloud companies giants such as SoftLayer, CenturyLink and Peer1. Sunkara went to say, “Our unique approach to intelligent cloud automation is proven in implementations across a range of verticals. The additional capital we are announcing today will help us extend the experience to new markets and further fuel the mass adoption of our cloud technology.” RackWare’s continued success only brings additional clients into its fold.