SalesForce Embraces the Community Cloud with SalesForce1

SalesForce has recently touted their SalesForce1 platform which functions like a LinkedIn type of social network that is designed to connect apps, devices and users. SalesForce describes SalesForce1 as being a revolutionary customer platform; there is a portal for developers, admins, business users, partners and customers. The app is available on all major operating systems and SalesForce VP Lisa Hammitt told CMSWire that the new platform has “Decreased the friction of going into communities.” Hammit went on to say that, “To be a cloud, we have to be able to predicate it off customer success.”

Sources say that SalesForce1 has already attracted over 2,000 organizations that are located all over the globe. CMSWire goes on to mention that SalesForce1 has attracted organizations such as British Sky Broadcasting, Cornell University, GE Capital, Honeywell, Key Bank, Pearson, Pono Music, State of Colorado and Tata Group.

SalesForce wanted to make their new portal like LinkedIn. A press release about SalesForce1 describes the new network as a community cloud much like the LinkedIn platform. The release said, “LinkedIn is an example of a company that, among other things, in the consumer world, has created a community for recruiters and job seekers. Members can personalize their job search, connect with colleagues and discover and share information about job openings—all from any device. Today, companies want to create their own communities with the same personalization and mobile access of LinkedIn that are also completely connected to their business processes.”

SalesForce1’s EVP Nasi Jazayeri is quoted as saying, “Based on the success we have seen with customers, tremendous market opportunity and support from our ecosystem, is doubling down on communities with our new Community Cloud.” Industry research analysts at IDC predict that the collaboration tools market could become a $3.5 billion industry by the end of the 2018. This rapidly increasing cloud market will only continue to rise as other players try to infiltrate this space.