Salesforce Seeks Out Cloud Wearables Marketshare

Wearable devices are expected to become one of the top technology trends throughout the end of the decade. As cloud continues to lessen our dependence on computing power, devices begin to get smaller and more intuitive. Salesforce has recognized this trend and in true cloud trailblazing fashion, Salesforce has decided to focus on this profit vertical before other players begin to flood the market.

Introducing Salesforce Wear

Salesforce Wear is the offering that allows developers to connect their wearable devices into the Salesforce platform. This essentially lets developers deploy applications on wearable devices that connect directly into Salesforce’s cloud.

Daniel Debow, SVP of Emerging Tech at Saleforce, agrees that Cloud connected wearable devices are “the next phase of the mobile revolution.” Debow continues on by saying, “With Salesforce Wear, companies can now capture the massive opportunity these devices offer to connect with customers in new ways.”

Wearable devices are different than a simple microcomputer with an operating system on your wrist. In fact, Adam Seligman of Salesforce says that “Wearable devices have very different application architectures, user experiences and data flows from devices that traditionally interact with its platform.” In relation to Salesforce Wear, Seligman mentions, “The developer pack handles the identity, secure API access and the “plumbing” necessary to connect the device to the Salesforce1 platform.”

The bigger question is, “How can these devices be utilized alongside Salesforce in order to increase productivity?” That’s actually an easy question to answer. Jeroen Tas, CEO of Phillips Healthcare was quoted as saying, “We see great promise for our cloud-connected wearable device technologies in the healthcare industry and look forward to working with and its partners on bringing these solutions to market.” Wearable vendors such as Samsung were receptive to the Salesforce news. Nick Rea from Samsung says that the Salesforce news opens up a “new realm of possibilities” in the Internet of Things and wearable cloud device market.