Samsung Shows off New Wearable Device

Samsung is poised become a leader in the cloud attached wearable devices market with their new innovation aimed at health conscious individuals. Samsung recently unveiled a prototype that monitors key health indicators of the person wearing the device. The wristband has a screen that displays interactive statistics such as your heart rate and blood pressure.

“This is the beginning of our journey, the beginning of our platform,” says President and Chief Strategy Officer of Samsung, Young Sohn. He goes on to say, “What we need is a community of developers and disruptive technology players to work with us.”

Digital health is a key profit vertical for Samsung. Many economists feel as if the mobile device market could be saturated as statistics show that growth is starting to slow in this sector. In efforts to find new consumer innovations, Samsung is striving to create a wearable lineup that balances between the latest in practical technology and style.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you know that math, statistics and analytics can answer many of your fitness questions. It can also be cumbersome to bring a tablet with you to the gym. If Samsung’s vision comes true, the analytics of your workout will be stored in the cloud in real time. Using these analytics, certain diets, work out techniques and recommendations can be made on the fly. Information could also be relayed back to doctors if a person is currently under medical supervision.

The wearable device would be able to communicate with other internet connected devices or peripherals using Bluetooth or WiFi. Just imagine going to a gym such as L.A. Fitness with your wearable. You could instantly relay analytics about your workout to your personal trainer and the trainer can make recommendations on the fly in order to help you meet your goals.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to medical wearable cloud technology. Samsung seems to understand that wearable devices could be the premier profit vertical for their company going forward which is why the company has created a $50 million dollar fund that is dedicated towards wearable cloud innovations.