Shutter to Provide Limitless Cloud Photo Storage

StreamNation, the company behind Shutter, has announced that their app gives users the ability to store as many photos as they want in the cloud for free. Shutter’s limitless platform allows end users to snap a quick picture without having to worry about filling up the mobile device’s internal memory. Shutter instantly takes captured pictures and stores them in the cloud.

Shutter allows users to view the last 200 pictures they captured without being connected to a network. On Shutter’s website, StreamNation writes, “Shutter’s smart offline management provides access to the last 200 photos and videos anytime. “ Shutter presents the end user with a powerful line up of features and functionality. For example, within the Shutter app, users can organize their photo albums using a timeline which allows the end user to jump to a certain day or month in which only pictures from that time frame are displayed.

Shutter also has a feature that they have dubbed “Flashbacks.” In Shutter, a flashback is a simple reminder given to the user of pictures that the user has taken in the past. This flashback can be setup to give you a daily or weekly report of photos you have taken in the past. If you took a picture using Shutter on June 30th 2013, Shutter could be setup to remind of you the picture you took one year ago. This simple feature is designed for users who attach nostalgic values to their photo collections.

Shutter is available in the iPhone App store for free. The Shutter website also mentions that there are no advertisements embedded into this app. Those who have Android devices must wait for the Android version of this app to be finish being developed. There is a waiting list you can sign up for on the Shutter website which will alert you the moment the Android app is built.