Sony releases Cloud-Based Gaming Service Beta for PS4

Sony has announced that PS4 users will now have the ability to rent games that were designed for the PS3 using a cloud service called PlayStation Now. While Sony has been in the gaming industry for decades, Sony’s cloud-based game streaming service redefines the way that gaming content is distributed to consoles. PlayStation Now has scores of titles to choose from and there are plans to include other PlayStation classics such as Ultra Street Fighter 4, Dead Space 3 and God of War. PlayStation Now only seems to be available in the United States and Canada although other countries will be added into the mix at a later date.

PlayStation Now provides flexible pricing terms. Users can opt to rent titles for as little as 4 hours while being able to rent some games up to 90 days. Users who opt for the 4 hour rental can pay as little as $2.99. Those who rent games for 90 days can pay as much as $14.99. Seven day rentals are available for $5.99 and 30 day rentals cost $7.99.  Some titles may cost a little more based on popularity and demand. Since these games are being delivered via the cloud, you obviously never have to worry about late fees.

 Another neat feature of the PlayStation Now network is the ability to save your game states in the cloud. In the past, PlayStation users saved their data on memory cards. These memory cards will now virtually exist within the PlayStation Now network. Sony has not provided any updates as to when these services will be available for users who still have a PS3 or a Vita console who would like to login to the network. There are rumors that the new Sony TVs will have built-in support for the PlayStation Now network. The setup would require Dualshock 3 controllers to be available and the television should sync up to the cloud and deliver PlayStation gaming content onto your television without the console being present.