SQL Dominates Cloud Database Usage

The implementation of relational databases in the cloud continues to outpace alternatives such as NoSQL. The Tesora project authored a reported called “Database Usage in the Public and Private Cloud: Choices and Preferences” where they broke down each of the most commonly used databases in the cloud. The data gathered from this survey showed that 79% of respondents said that they use SQL cloud databases while only 16% mentioned they used NoSQL.

In a press release by Tesora, the operators of Trove which is a popular database for OpenStack, each individual database solution was ranked by implementation. The release says, “The databases of choice for private and public clouds were, in rank order, Microsoft SQL Server (57 percent), MySQL (40 percent) and Oracle (38 percent) with MongoDB (10 percent) the most popular NoSQL choice.”

Developers seem eager to try out NoSQL types of DBaaS solutions however private cloud systems administrators seem reluctant to implement the service, notes an infographic found on Tesora’s site. Of those who are interested in NoSQL solutions, 62% of respondents mentioned that they would like to try out MongoDB which prevailed as the most popular choice. The infographic notes that the Hadoop was the next likely choice with 59% interest. Other NoSQL solutions such as Cassandra received 37% interest, while Riak received 32% and Couchbase represented 21% of respondents.

Another stark finding in Tesora’s report is that 10% of organizations plan on implementing DBaaS in 2016. 10% of respondents said that they were already implanting DBaaS in their private cloud while 11% mentioned that they would implement between 2014 and 2015. Tesora notes that the infographic was based on more than 500 respondents. Four of ten who responded work for an organization that house over 1,000 people. Slightly more than 1 in 6 respondents to this survey work for an organization that has over 10,000 employees. About a third of respondents were small businesses.