Stack Box Brings Cloud into the Home

Stack Box is a Linux-based home automation center that links all of the devices within your home together. Stack Box has out of the box support for devices you might commonly have around your home including cameras, Bluetooth and WiFi connected items. Stack Box goes on to mention that they specifically offer support for the Foscam IP Camera, Schlage, Yale, Kwikset locks. StackBox also integrates with Bluetooth speaker systems and Belkin WeMo smart devices. The Stack Box is also being sold and labeled with the name Xuan.

For what the Stack Box does, it’s pretty incredible to see how small the device is. The measurements of the box are a perfect 110cm by 110cm. Inside the Stack Box; home automation enthusiasts will enjoy the ARM11 Cavium 640 MHz processor with 256MB of RAM alongside 512MB of flash memory and an SD slot. While these specifications may sound lackluster at first glance, the Stack Box does not need to have bolstering computing power to achieve its goals. The Stack Box comes equipped with an app store in which users can exchange applications that will enhance the functionality of their Stack Box. Stack Box can also function as a private cloud media storage capacity as needed.

Smart devices are setup to interface with Stack Box. In fact, there is an app available for iOS and Android that allows for the Stack Box to be controlled from your smart device. Stack Box is currently receiving funding through a KickStarter campaign. The devices are being sold for $79 but after they’re sold out, the price is expected to go up to the $149+ range. The Stack Box KickStarter page explains all of the functionality and potential uses for the product. The page also mentions “Once our App is installed, you can then create rules even when you’re away or asleep to automate your home.”