Streem: A New Dawn for Unlimited Cloud Storage

If you were waiting for unlimited cloud storage to become available, wait no longer because it has finally arrived. Streem now offers unlimited cloud storage for a low $20 per month but with any deal that seems too good to be true, there’s typically a catch.  Unlike services such as Dropbox, Streem does not sync your content to your local hard drive. In fact, the data itself exists wholly within the cloud. What does this mean? Without an internet connection, your data is essentially useless because you wouldn’t have a method to access your data.

For some users, this caveat is a non-issue. Let’s face it; we live in an uber-connected high speed internet world. If you are in a place without an internet, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections, you’re probably there on purpose. Streem is unique because it encourages users to store their rich media in the cloud. Once the media in the cloud, Steem’s proprietary algorithms deliver the file to you in the most efficient manner possible. The data is encrypted using AES-256 bit technology and connections to Streem’s servers are protected by SSL.

Streem recently made headlines by receiving $875,000 in seed capital. The startup was co-founded by Ritik Malhorta.  Although Streem provides unlimited data for $20 per month, a free tier exists that gives users 200GBs. Streem’s dev team has built out apps that will work on the most popular platforms including Windows, iOS, Linus, OSX and Android. Although the apps simply interface the data that can be accessed through the web browser, the apps are not essential for accessing your data. The apps were created out convenience.  Although a multitude of cloud storage providers currently exist, Streem may have found its niche by being able to provide a top level service at what many consumers will consider to be a bargain price.