Telestra Expands Whispir Platform Globally

Telestra Global is an Australia based telecommunications provider. The telecom giant from Down Under has been aggressively positioning itself to begin acquiring cloud market share in regions outside of the South Pacific. Using their critically acclaimed platform entitled Whispir, Telestra’s innovative platform can deliver connectivity to SMS, voice, web, email, mobile data and social media networks to end users. Whispir’s services are launched using the popular SaaS delivery method.  Whispir is Telestra’s cloud-based communications suite that has received rave reviews from organizations and government agencies in Australia.

In fact, Telestra Director Nathan Bell commented on Telestra’s growth as he said, “In less than two years, Whispir’s customer base has quadrupled to more than 1.6 million users and with today’s expansion, we see significant growth opportunities for this service in the US, particularly when delivered over Telstra’s global network extending to more than 2,000 Points of Presence.” Telestra’s adoption rate for Whispir inside of Australia prompted the organization to invest $3.74 million into improving the infrastructure in efforts for it to be deployed globally.

All of this builds upon the unified communications platform released by Telestra last month. In regards to the UC platform and Telestra Cloud Collaboration which was released globally last month, Bell went on to say, “With Telstra Cloud Collaboration, businesses can roll-out extensive collaboration and communications tools to staff throughout the world, scale user profiles and functionality up and down depending on business requirements and ensure employees working remotely have identical resources to those working in the office – all while minimizing traditionally significant upfront investment models.” Telestra is expanding rapidly throughout the world. Telestra currently has 7 data center locations that deliver cloud services globally. It is also noted that Telestra maintains over 2,000 PoPs (Points of Presenses) throughout the world. Telestra’s cloud can be designed to convert business services that were traditionally delivered by an in house IT crew to a monthly expense that is delivered by the cloud.