Telstra Global Expanding to US East Coast

Telstra Global has recently announced that its global virtual private cloud solution will be available in the East Coast of the United States towards the end of this year. This is a significant step in extending their current global reach of United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.
Their solution is built through the combined strength of Telstra Globals’s international network with Cisco’s leading technologies. This provides users with top end-to-end solutions for international applications developments, thereby allowing for global businesses to be able to help business management, development and growth.
Reperesentatives from Telstra Global had a lot to say on the matter:
Martin Bishop, Telstra Global’s Head of Network Applications and Services explained the importance of this move for the company, in which he said, “The new US node brings our total cloud presence up to seven distinct locations throughout the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific and will enable customers operating across multiple geographic locations, including the US, to quickly and efficiently realise the benefits of enterprise cloud services on their global operations.”

Bishop continued,  “When it comes to IT projects, we are finding that customers are increasingly opting for cloud-based services and with this expansion we are even better equipped to serve organisations with operations in the US – be it their long-term head-quarters or a new market they are expanding into. On top of this, Telstra Cloud Infrastructure customers can rest assured that their applications are delivered over one of the world’s most extensive telecommunications networks that extends access to over 1,900 Points-of-Presence (PoPs).”
Erez Yarkoni, Telstra’s global enterprise and services executive director for cloud said,  “Doing it yourself, buying our own kit, and then running our own software on top of it … to do that, even as big as Telstra is, as one local instance to Australia, would be uncompetitive with the global offerings.”
Nathan Bell, Telstra Global’s director of marketing, products and pricing, was quoted as saying, “We are now finally able to visualise for our customers what global really means. Now we have a cloud hub in the US, one in Europe, one in north Asia, one in south Asia and one in Australia.” He continued,  “We will be working with Cisco globally as part of their Intercloud community but we recognised that with everything else we are doing we needed the consistency of a cloud platform we can deliver to our customers for their IT needs, but more importantly [use as] a platform for all their other services.”
Headquartered in Hong Kong, Telstra Global is part of Telstra Corporation Limited, a leading telecommunications and information services company in Australia.  In March of this year, Telstra Global announced it would leverage Cisco’s InterCloud platform to assist its clients with cloud requirements.