Travl8tor Solves Travel Management for SME's

Managing travel for small to medium sized enterprises can become a headache, especially when your business is booming. A thriving SME often gives your employees reasons to travel all over the world. Cloud solutions such as Travl8tor have evolved in order to accommodate the small to medium enterprises that may not currently have a system in place. Concur and others have a hold on this market, but Travl8tor’s main selling point is that the system costs SME’s nothing to implement. That’s correct, Travl8tor is free.

How Travl8tor Works

Perhaps an administrative assistant is currently handling all of your travel requests. In order to expedite your organization’s travel appointments, Travl8tor allows you to setup management policies that allow your employees to stay within their budgets, only select certain hotels and keep all of the reimbursements and expenses in a neat, organized app.

Duncan Thomas is the Manager Director for Travl8tor. In the Travl8tor press release, Thomas mentions, “The vision for Travl8tor is to give smaller companies some of the tools that larger companies have.” Mr. Thomas further explains, “So we built a free tool that companies can use to manage their travel. Using Travl8tor takes the headache out of travel management that any company with regular travel requirements will face. Large companies use expensive software platforms to manage this process, so we decided to help.”

Travl8tor is designed to save SMEs time and money. Travl8tor allows end users to book flights using domestic rates. Duncan Thomas commented on this functionality by saying, “This means that booking a domestic flight in the USA for example will be at the same price as it is sold in the USA!”

Travl8tor is still within its startup stages and the latest press release was titled, “Travl8tor – Cloud based travel management tool designed for SME’s is accepting applications” therefore one could assume that a SME could signup for Travl8tor today and begin test driving the new innovative, cloud based travel management system by simply signing up at