Tresorit Raises the Stakes in Cloud Security

Tresorit made headlines several months ago when the company offered hackers a $25,000 prize if they could crack Tresorit’s encryption. This cash bounty sparked the attention of computer scientists from the likes of MIT, Harvard and Stanford. Over a 1,000 hackers and computer scientists tried to claim the $25,000 prize that Tresorit offered and not one of them was successful in their endeavors. What was Tersorit’s response to this? Raise the stakes to $50,000. While this bold move garnered the attention of hackers and the most accomplished computer scientists in the world, the offer also attracted $3 million in additional investment capital for the cloud security startup.

Tresorit realizes that impenetrable cloud security is essential for the 21st century. With hackers now shifting their focus to the cloud, the security aspect of the cloud becomes more critical than ever. Tresorit protects client data while it is in motion and while it is at rest. Tresorit has mentioned that they think their service is “Unhackable.” You can purchase a Tresorit cloud storage plan for only $5.95 per month which gives you a generous 100GBs of storage space. Another key selling point for Tresorit is that the company operates out of datacenters located inside the EU. For those wary of hosting data inside of the USA, Tresorit becomes a natural fit for those who are worried about government snooping.

Tresorit has clients available for most of your major desktop and mobile operating systems. The company is still developing a client for the Windows Phone and Linux distributions.  Tresorit seems to have a lot going for itself. On top of the recent injection of $3 million dollars in venture capital, Tresorit also received $2 million from European investors such as Andreas Kemi and Marton Szoke. Tresorit’s main selling point is that its solution is safer and more secure than other solutions such as Dropbox and OneDrive due to its regional affinities and “Unhackable” encryption.