Track the Value of Your Things w/ Trov

Trov was recently released for the iPhone and the app is designed to go out into the internet, get data on the products you own and assign a value to those things. This could help those who like to keep analytics on their personal life. For example, using an app like Trov could help you know your real net worth within just a couple swipes. Trov gives insights into those who are tracking trends and Trov’s insights could help those who are seeking an advantage in the resale market.

Scott Walchek is the founder and CEO of Trov. In comments found in the Trov press release, Walcheck states, “The world’s information is quickly becoming digitized and accessible via smart phones, but the information about the things people own has yet to find its digital home.”

Trov goes much further than being a simple cloud storage account that holds a number indicating your worth; Trov goes much deeper than this. In the press release for Trov, the creators begin using Trov as a verb. For example, you can “Trov” a house or a car. To trov a car, you’d simply use your iPhone to scan the VIN and Black Book tells you the value of the car. Let’s say you are touring your friend’s new home but you’re embarrassed to ask how much they spent on the home? You don’t have to ask, you can trov the value of the house and data provided by Zillow will pop into the Trov app showing you the current value and the last recorded sale price. If you are inside the home, Trov pinpoints the house on Zillow using the GPS built into your phone.

Trov is smart enough to auto identify most items. You can snap a picture and Trov will use cloud to search the web for the value of the item you photographed. Trov is now publically available in the iPhone app store, according to Trov’s press release.