Ubuntu Server Adds More Cloud Support

The newest release of Ubuntu Server is slated to debut on April 17th. This release will incorporate more functionality in regards to OpenStack’s latest releases as well as support for 64-bit ARM chips. This release of Ubuntu is notable because this is the first release in 2 years that will include long term support. The popular open source server operating system is in use by many of the world’s most notable tech companies such as Netflix.

The new release of Ubuntu is officially labeled “Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server.” This release will serve as a platform for future Ubuntu server releases. PC Pro mentioned that this release will be officially supported for up to 5 years. This support will also cover documentation, add-ons, patches and more.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS marks a new era in cloud. Mark Baker is the Server Product Manager for Ubuntu and he notes that the “Majority of customers using the server product are on a long-term support contract.” Baker also noted that this release was a “Big deal” for Canonical. Unlike older versions of Ubuntu, 14.04 LTS server will include the newest release of OpenStack which is aptly named Icehouse.

Baker commented on the new release by saying, “There are also a number of other components that sit around the OpenStack and cloud ecosystem that are new with 14.04. These include support for the new version of Open vSwitch and Docker, a containerisation technology.”

Baker also went on to talk about the company’s commitment to transparency and openness. The 14.04 release of Ubuntu will feature ARM, VMWare and KVM support. Those who currently use virtual machines in a Microsoft environment such as Hyper-V will be able to host these machines inside of the new Ubuntu release. Ubuntu also provides the capabilities for developers who need a PaaS solution. Ubuntu has worked hand-in-hand with Pivotal and their open source product Cloud Foundry in order to provide a platform for developers that is on par with industry accepted solutions.