US State Department Inks Cloud Deal With Watchitoo

Watchitoo describes itself as a cloud based interactive video collaboration service. In a press release, Watchitoo indicates that it was awarded the contract for the US State Department by using the General Services Administration’s IT Schedule 70 process.

Dori Gurwitz, VP at Watchitoo said, “Government agencies have used online video for years to facilitate one-way communication to various audiences. However, with the growth in remote workforces and global audiences’ appetite for two-way communication using online video, government agencies need a better and more scalable way to support them. Watchitoo’s platform allows agencies like the State Department to save time and money by deploying a single service that supports their evolving video communication needs.”

Watchitoo’s interface seems to go above and beyond what other cloud based video collaboration communication suites are offering. Watchitoo’s website features three products entitled StreamingPro, ClassInteract and Playground. StreamingPro can be used to host conferences that feature to 25 live video streams. StreamingPro can also be seamlessly integrated into a corporate intranet making an impromptu conference setup as easy as going to an address in the browser. The Watchitoo press release mentions “branded video rooms and players can be easily embedded into any website, intranet or mobile environment. This makes it possible for government agencies to make video collaboration part of their existing web presence;”

ClassInteract is an online classroom suite that encourages active participation from the person hosting the class. The platform supports up to 25 live feeds being shown simultaneously to the entire classroom. Watchitoo’s Playground product is an online collaboration suite that will let your team work together simply through their mobile devices. In addition to the US State Department deal, Watchitoo will add to its already impressive list of existing clientele such as Turner Networks, CBS, HP, Yale University and JP Morgan.