VeloCloud Debuts WAN-as-a-Service

VeloCloud is a startup headed by Sanjay Uppal. VeloCloud built its cloud-based WAN service as a way to help businesses simplify and secure their networks at a lower cost than what it currently being offered now.

VeloCloud works by putting one of its datacenter appliances inside your office. This device communicates with the VeloCloud gateway which acts as a broker for corporate data. For example, company data would be routed in the most efficient manner possible to the corporate datacenter of your choice using VeloCloud’s gateway as an intermediary.

Founder Sanjay Uppal mentions, “The VeloCloud service transcends the congestion, expense and complexity that plague WAN connections today, so that branch operations no longer struggle with a networking dilemma.”

VeloCloud’s business model allows companies to sign up using a subscription. This gives organizations the flexibility they need to get the type of scaled services they require. In June, VeloCloud received over $20 million in venture capital. Alan Boehme, an advisor to VeloCloud mentions, “VeloCloud’s solution transforms WAN networking by leveraging the economics of the Internet, the architecture of the cloud and the virtualization of network appliances. This is beneficial for any enterprise and absolutely the right direction for the migration to hybrid data centers.”

Although VeloCloud is just a startup, its services will compete with some of the world’s largest and most innovative vendors within the cloud networking startup space. There seems to be a buzz building around the Los Altos, California based startup as companies begin to see the advantage, cost savings and security assurances around VeloCloud’s solutions versus using traditional MPLS VPN connections to create your WAN.

VeloCloud is poised for success because this startup has brought a disruptive product into what was once thought to be an impenetrable market with the backing of some of the brightest up and comers within their niche. Co-founders Ajit Mayya is a former Sr. Director at VMware while Steve Woo has a background at Aerohive Networks. CEO Sanjay Uppal has a background that involves work within other successful startups and he also spent time at Citrix in an executive role.