VMware to Offer Additional Public Cloud Services

VMware’s annual confab named VMworld takes place in San Francisco this year. At that conference, VMware is expected to release additions to its public cloud infrastructure vCHS in efforts to differentiate its business model from other providers. Although vCHS has been around for the less a year, the infrastructure has received mixed reviews. Some administrators seem to love the way it integrates into VMware’s vCenter while others note the lack of features and functionality found within the interface. According to Bill Fathers, SVP & GM at VMware, naysayers may finally get their way.

 “Looking at the adoption of public cloud over the last five years, there’s no question that it’s kind of reached a bit of a sticking point,” says Fathers in an interview with eWeek. “The current model isn’t going to continue to scale. And as we know, this is the next phase of the adoption of the enterprise public cloud. As a result, we’re going to continue to double down and pile on services that will help us differentiate in the area of compatibility.”

 Fathers continues by mentioning that VMware is looking for a way to connect with customers to show that VMware’s vCHS offering gives better compatibility and more flexibility for the workloads you currently utilize on-site. Father continues by saying, “We want to differentiate ourselves with our public cloud by saying to our customers and potential customers: ‘Look, we think the compatibility with your existing environments is THE key.’ In the last year, we’ve proven that to ourselves (internally).”

Fathers continues by mentioning the success of DRaaS. Disaster Recovery as a Service is one way for shops that can use VMware’s vCHS service to begin utilizing the cloud services. In fact, Flowers mentioned that DRaaS is “fast becoming VMware’s fastest-growing product globally.” VMware looks to capitalize on DRaaS’s success by launching other niche products that give data center administrators more confidence in choosing vCHS over the competition.