VMWare’s Hybrid Cloud Team Wraps up Reddit AMA

Reddit is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. One of the biggest reasons for Reddit’s success is their AMA’s. This acronym stands for “Ask me anything.” Reddit will attract people from specific projects or enterprises to participate in this question and answer free for all. Recently, the VMWare Hybrid Cloud team took to Reddit to answer questions from cloud enthusiasts.

The team of Matthew Lodge, Angelos Kottas and Jason Lochhead all answered questions using the “VMware_vCHS” Reddit username. The team posted proof on Twitter as confirmation that they were legitimately answering the questions using this account. So what was the top question posed to the vCloud team?

Todd_KSU from Reddit asks, “Do you have plans to provide true pay as you go options so that resources do not need to be procured in advance of needing them?” Todd_KSU also asked, “And what would the granularity of charging be if I wanted resources for only week, day, hour, etc?”

VMWare’s team took the opportunity to spill the beans on a new “Pay as you go” Hybrid Cloud solution that will go into place 2H 2014. The exact quote from the Reddit AMA answers Todd_KSU’s question more granularly by saying, “Yes, vCHS plans to launch a pay as you go service option in 2H 2014. This service will include billing in arrears based on actual resource consumption. Granularity will be by the minute, and will be aggregated across all resources consumed (not per VM).”

In the Reddit AMA, Lodge, Kottas and Lochhead showed that they have a sense of humor in relation to the VMWare products and acronyms. They posted a David Hasselhoff meme that got several upvotes that said: “Don’t call it vCheese.” This was in reference to the VMWare acronym for their product and the inclusion of “vCHS” in their Reddit username.