WatchDox to Release Cloud Content Connector for Google Drive

WatchDox has announced that they have released their cloud content connector for Google Drive. This innovative connector acts a barrier between your files and the rest of the world. Watch docs allows you to send a file as you normally would with Google Drive and manage the permissions in a simple point and click fashion. WatchDox goes further than just simplifying document sharing privileges. WatchDox allows you to watermark and track the viewers of your documents. For enhanced security, WatchDox only allows one way file transfers from Google Drive to WatchDox.

Chief Product Officer Ryan Kalember referenced the status-quo in regards to the state of cloud document sharing sector and said, “Today’s enterprise users create, share and store content across multiple platforms and repositories, but not all services meet enterprise security or productivity needs.” Kalember goes on to explain that WatchDox alleviates these issues.

In a press release, Kalember mentions, “WatchDox Cloud Content Connectors provide a single pane of glass to access and secure all enterprise content, whether a file sits in Google Drive, on a network file share or on a desktop. This not only creates productivity efficiencies, it also enhances existing content security with our data-centric protections.”

WatchDox’s new Google Drive connector will allow media creators to assign any level of control to their files. They can implement full digital rights management including the ability to revoke the file from a device even if the user brought their own device. WatchDox offers the ability to sync metadata which allows inherit permissions to stay consistent without moving the files onto a WatchDox server. WatchDox is designed to work offline or on devices without data connections so that files are able to stay in sync even though the device isn’t currently connected to the internet. According to WatchDox’s press release, they mention that the Google Drive connector will be part of their EFSS solution which WatchDox describes as the most comprehensive solution on the market.