XChange 2014 Conference Highlights Current Cloud Trends

XChange 2014 is a cloud conference that was held in San Antonio earlier this week. Cloud solution providers exhibited their take on the state of cloud with their presentations. The biggest take away from the conference seemed to be cloud security.

CRN interviewed Paul Karch, the president of a cloud solution provider called Gardent Global which is based in Florida. Karch mentioned, “The security IT business is booming.” Karch continues by saying, “Security touches everything; you have to have it. If your solution doesn’t have security, you can’t sell it.” Karch continues to mention that his business is up 80% this year and cloud security is the main driver.

TecPort solutions VP of Business Development Carmine Taglialatela Jr. talked about how the trends in cloud were impacting his business. Taglialatela specifically mentioned that cloud security was the biggest growth sector in his business. Taglialatela says, “We’re seeing a high level of interest from clients interested in protecting everything they do.” Taglialatela goes on to mention that introducing policies is essential in preventing a data breach.

XChange 2014 also allowed John Krikke, the VP of Onward Computer Systems, to share his comments on the state of cloud. Krikke says, “Business are transforming, moving to the cloud and we are benefiting from it.” Krikke continues, “Cloud is happening fast. Small businesses that were resistant to the cloud are now embracing it saying ‘Let’s do it!’  We are doing well with Office 365 and now we are adding [Microsoft] Azure [cloud infrastructure as a service].”

Gaurav Patel of KloudData commented at XChange 2014. He said, “Long gone are the days as a solution provider where you could say, ‘We have a software package you can use in the next three years. Everyone wants something deployed quickly. They ask for something to get them up and running in the next five weeks instead of five months.”