Zadara Debuts On-Premise as a Service for VPSA

The battle for supremacy in the private cloud storage arena is heating up and Zadara is looking to capitalize on this trend. Zadara’s newest product lineup has been dubbed “OPaaS” which stands for On-Premise as a Service.

In Zadara’s promotional video (found below,) for their new OPaaS offering, the Irvine, California based company mentions that other private cloud storage solutions are doing it all wrong. In fact, Zadara humorously notes that you wouldn’t open a beer bottle with your teeth which illustrates their point that other private cloud storage solutions are inconsistent, inflexible and generic. Zadara believes that other private cloud storage vendors are giving organizations the wrong tools and the wrong approach to cloud storage. Zadara’s video goes on to say, “You’d never design your own data center with generic storage, why should you accept that model in the cloud?”

Zadara’s OPaaS works by utilizing a data center appliance they have called VPSA. VPSA stands for Virtual Private Storage Array and when you order this hardware, it can be setup in your private data center or at a collocated location. You don’t actually purchase the VSPA outright. Zadara’s says that “The entire resource [is] owned and maintained by Zadara, with included SLA, hardware replacement, remote monitoring and support.” VPSA can be designed to give data center administrators the ability to custom tailor their private cloud storage solutions so that they are able to match their applications storage needs appropriately.

Zadara CEO Nelson Nahum explained OPaaS’s approach by mentioning, “Tens of thousands of organizations have applications that need to stay on premise and behind the firewall, but so far that has meant they’ve been excluded from many of the benefits of software-defined storage.” Nahum goes on to say that, “Zadara OPaaS is also well suited for applications that benefit from cloud-based disaster recovery and cloud bursting, where extra cloud computing resources are applied as needed to supplement on premise environments.”

What is Zadara Cloud Block Storage? from Zadara Storage on Vimeo.