2018 Witnessed 31.3% Growth Rate In the IaaS Public Cloud Service Market

Recent trends in the cloud services industry have shown that the bigger and more dominant service providers are at more advantage than the smaller providers. This is evident in the revelation of the cloud service consolidation and is constant despite the strong growth rate in this industry.

This points out to the fact the one of the most important factors to thrive in the public cloud IaaS service industry is scalability. The vice present of the Research committee at Gartner says that organizations that wishes to drive at success in the cloud technology industry ought to start placing focus on providing a well infused functionality service. He also said that large capital expenditure investment helps in capturing more of the market shares and as such more focus should be directed to that aspect.

According to Gartner, the consistent increase in growth for IaaS provider will cause a constant and subsequent increase in the rate of consolidation through the year. 2018 has shown the top five IaaS providers as the strength of this market, accounting for about 77% increase rate which is considerably more than the growth rate in 2017.

Amazon ranks first as the largest IaaS provider, accounting  for about half of the total market shares. Amazon keeps on increasing aggressively in its acquisitions and rate of growth with a total estimated revenue for 2018 placed at about $15.5 billion.

Closely following Amazon is the Microsoft company with a 2018 revenue increase of about $1.9 billion from its 2017 $3.1 billion. Alibaba Cloud services and Google follows this list closely in that order. As the largest cloud service provider in China, Alibaba has experienced a highly massive growth. With its targets in various sectors including Managed Service Providers and Independent Software Vendor, Alibaba continues to increase in its global expansion services.

With these rise in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) industry, providers are tasked with a means of ensuring that they grow with the rising growth trend.