24/7 STD Testing Service Online Now Available for US Citizens

Getting an STD doesn’t require patients to head over to a doctor’s office anymore, at least in the US. 247STDTesting.com now offers to test and has partnered with two of the largest and most reliable FDA-approved labs in the country to maintain the quality and security of results. With the rising rate of STDs within the country, the availability of online testing helps more people be aware of their status. In the past, however, going to a clinic brought with it concerns about privacy and confidentiality. The service aims to deal with those issues comprehensively.

Untested STDs can Lead to Complications

The modern age offers society a lot of methods for dealing with diseases like these if we detect them early. However, if a patient doesn’t get tested regularly, there’s no way they could know if they are infected, and take the appropriate steps. Doctors recommend being tested once every three to twelve months, depending on how sexually active you are. If left untreated, STDs can lead to severe health issues later on. Knowing whether a patient is ill with one of these diseases is the first step towards managing it or curing it.

Not Just a Single Test

Many of the in-person testing centers available to US citizens require users to pay per test. The increased expense makes it even more difficult for those on limited means to properly test themselves for these diseases. 247STDTesting.com offers a comprehensive analysis that encapsulates detection for eight of the most common STD’s for the price of a single examination. The cost-effectiveness, combined with guaranteed privacy and ease of use, makes the system attractive for any user. Additionally, the company says that it delivers results within three business days, making it among the fastest testing methods available to the public today.