3 Cloud Trends to Watch in 2014

2013 was a breakthrough year for the cloud and 2014 looks to be more exciting. Consumers and businesses will be hearing more about the cloud and how it can simplify their world. As our economy starts to shift around this emerging technology, marketers will try to highlight these key points about the cloud industry as a whole. Here are the points they will try to emphasize:

Software Defined Networking: As businesses look to simply everything within their IT infrastructure, Software Defined Network or SDN will become the standard that many administrators will begin to use. With the cloud, the entire framework already exists and the software inside of the cloud can be used to configure parameters that were once setup by physically configuring clunky networking equipment such as Cisco devices.
The Hybrid Cloud: The hybrid cloud received a lot of press in 2013 and as a result, cloud providers have doubled down in order to ensure their cloud offerings can be converted into a hybrid cloud. Research firms like Gartner say that the Hybrid cloud will be used in most large scale enterprises in some way shape or form in the future. The hybrid cloud will receive a lot of attention in the 2014 news cycle.
Data Security and Compliance:  The big obstacle in getting organizations to adapt the cloud model has always been data security and compliance. In 2014, the expectation is that many different types of encryptions and safeguards will be put into place to ensure data security. When you consider SOX, HIPPA and all of the other government regulations that companies have to abide by, the hybrid cloud model must ensure complete compliance in regards to data security. Once companies are absolutely sure that the cloud is right for them, they can custom tailor their private or hybrid cloud to better align with an organization’s computing capability and laws surrounding the specific industry at hand.