3DPrinterOS Releases Client That Connects Nearly Any 3D Printer to the Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

3DPrinterOS is the world’s first operating system designed for 3D printing.  3DPrinterOS is cloud based software that supports the CAD, STL, AMF, PLY, OBJ, STL and Gcodes formats.
3DPrinterOS’s newest release is a client that allows nearly any 3D printer to be connected to the cloud. The client is open source and the new release is now available on GitHib. The client has been released using the GNU Affero GPL.
CEO of 3DPrinterOS John Dogru says, “Our goal is to radically reduce the latency between design, manufacturing and distribution of physical products, at the point of need and time of need. Connecting 3D printers to the cloud is an essential step towards the connected factory of the future. We are excited about the opportunities this release creates for our industry and beyond.”
The GitHub page that describes the new cloud 3D printing client says that the new connector will support Mac, Windows, Raspberry Pi and Linux. Another important part of this connector centers around the monitoring of the 3D print out itself. If you’re using the cloud to connect to a remote 3D printer, wouldn’t you want to be able to monitor your print job?
The new 3DPrinterOS client allows you to do just that. If webcams are focused on the 3D printer itself, the new client allows you tap into those webcams so that you can physically monitor your 3D print out. In addition to the new monitoring capabilities, the client allows for a range of visualization, slicing, on-demand editing as well as tools that allow you to fix your print job.
“This open source release makes it simple for every user and manufacturer to access the power of 3D Printing through the cloud. Now any manufacturer, large or small, can modify, customize and build on top of this release to extend their functionality and make 3D printing easier for their users,” concluded 3DPrinterOS CEO John Dogru.