2015 Cloud Predictions from Intronis

As we bid farewell to one year and welcome another, there is a great deal of speculation surrounding the cloud and what 2015 will bring to the industry. It’s no surprise that experts and enthusiasts alike are anticipating another year of innovation: after all, 2014 saw major advancements in cloud computing, as well as increased adoption across the board.

So, what can be expected of the New Year? Here are just some of the changes and trends that cloud can look forward to in 2015:

Cloud computing tipping point arrives.

True, most companies are currently using the cloud to one degree or another. But a recent survey of nearly 200 IT professionals suggests that 2015 will witness a major tipping point in terms of adoption. The research, conducted by Level 3 Communications, reported that 48.3 percent of IT professionals are ‘on their way’ to running and managing applications in the cloud.

Additionally, market research from Saugutuck Technology forecasted that over 60 percent of organizations will have at least half of their infrastructure and applications running in the cloud by 2018, and this coming year will be a huge stepping stone.

Small business embraces the cloud.

Small businesses are only just beginning to reap the unprecedented levels of cost-effectiveness, agility and scalability offered to them through the cloud. Depending on the business, cloud services have the ability to simplify both basic and specialized work processes, conserve on capital budgets and accelerate growth. SMBs have already begun to see the benefits of the cloud, but adoption will continue to increase in 2015.

Continued Threats to Cybersecurity.

The past year has been a gruesome one in terms of cyber hacks, breaches and attacks happening on what seems to be a daily basis. According to the National Small Business Association, security issues ranked as No. 2 among the top technology concerns facing small businesses.

2014 also brought us Cryptolocker, introducing ransomware to small businesses, which may unfortunately just be the beginning of cyber threats hitting the little guys. Attacks that were once reserved for large players like Target, Home Depot, and the U.S. Postal Service will be hitting the masses, including small businesses, in the coming year. These cybersecurity concerns will drive companies large and small to move towards business-class solutions and services in order to protect critical business data and infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud takes center stage.

Hybrid cloud is a strategy in which a company runs part of its computing in-house and some in the public cloud, and organizations are beginning to recognize the benefits of such a scenario. As organizations become more comfortable with the cloud, specifically moving certain workloads to the cloud, hybrid cloud computing is going to become more of a clear-cut strategy for companies of all sizes. Moreover, it will also provide additional opportunity for IT service providers that have the skills needed to execute those IT strategies that stand to profit the most.

Cloud begins to take hold in the C-suite.

A recent study by consulting firm Avanade found that of 1,000 C-level executives surveyed, a full 75 percent agreed that implementing a hybrid cloud strategy should be one of their biggest areas of focus in 2015. The research also found that 77 percent of respondents believed that going with a hybrid cloud gave them a competitive advantage while 76 percent believe it will allow them to focus on core growth opportunities.

The cloud and mobility.

Though it has been on the rise for some time, 2015 may be the year that companies of all sizes truly come to grips with and begin to fully utilize mobility, while also finding ways to tame the beast that is BYOD. The bring-your-own-device revolution that has exploded the traditional world of IT has made mobile devices a critical gateway and enabler for the cloud, as well as a strategic checkpoint for enterprise security, and will continue to be so in the New Year.

Not only will 2015 be another year of innovation in the cloud, but it will also be one of improvements and massive boosts in adoption rates. Whether C-level executives or small business owners, the New Year will bring with it increased utilization of the cloud across the board.