3 Undeniable Enterprise IT Trends to Watch in 2015

Learning about the popular trends in enterprise IT can help you get an edge in your particular role. Whether you are an analyst or you function as a decision maker within your organization, being cognizant of the top enterprise IT trends of 2015 will help you craft better solutions, participate in conversations about new technologies and direct your skillset to its top potential.

The Cloud

The way information technology is being delivered is rapidly changing due to the cloud. A popular infographic hosted on InfographicsMania indicates that 50% of organizations have some sort of cloud migration plan. This lessens an organization’s dependence on data center infrastructure that is built onsite. While you would think that this sounds like bad news for the data center industry, it really depends on your perspective. While cloud applications are beginning to be used more often, big data centers must be built in order to house these cloud based apps. Azure, AWS and SoftLayer have all built data centers in strategic locations all through out the world in efforts to accommodate this mass migration. Other players in the field are RackSpace and Google.

A Renewed Focus on Enterprise Agility

Building agile solutions will continue be a trend for enterprise IT in 2015. In the past, organizations have been rigid when it comes to releasing new solutions. Given the fact that the cloud will provide many organizations with a PaaS based sandbox in order to build and test solutions, the solutions themselves will be able to be delivered more rapidly. Since cloud can provide a stable environment for application development, QA testing and auditing, organizations will likely loosen their standards in regards to the deployment of new enterprise applications.

New Technology Will Require a Skill Set Refresh

Technology is evolving at a more rapid pace than ever. If you are in a position to receive training on any of the newest data center or cloud technologies being offered, you should take that training opportunity and run wild with it. Training with these new technologies will set you apart from the pack. If you are in a leadership role within your company, you will be asked to provide solutions for problems that aren’t easily solved. By knowing all about the latest technologies, you can be sure that you are able to provide an informed opinion on the matter at hand. When you are able to provide solutions that save your organization money, you are often trusted with more responsibility which in turn could help supplement your bottom line.