3D Systems Unveils 3DSPRINT; A Cloud Based Design Platform

3D Systems recently announced that it acquired Cimatron for $97 million in order to bolster its software lineup of 3D design products. Wasting no time, 3D systems announced its new product called 3DSPRINT, which is a cloud based 3D design platform that allows developer to work on projects simultaneously regardless of location. 3DSPRINT potentially changes the game in regards to how 3D models are made. Manufacturing products using 3D printers will become streamlined as more designers could begin to work on open source modeling in the same way that software has been open sourced. On the 3D Website, it appears as if you can sign up for a customer preview which will allow you to test drive the new 3DSPRINT technology.

3D Systems mentions that if you already have a ProJet or ProX machine, you can go ahead and download the 3DSPRINT and to begin toying around with the software. Anyone with a ProJet 1200 and ProJet 5500X 3D printer will also get an immediate access to 3DSPRINT. It is important to note that these model of printers will be on display at the EuroMold conference at the end of this week.

A statement released by 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental says, “We are very excited to deliver the full power and benefits of our integrated digital thread to our extensive user community worldwide. Reichental also mentions, “With 3DSPRINT we are giving engineers and designers the ultimate streamlined shared cloud and desktop platform experience that makes the design-to-manufacturing workflow faster, simpler and ubiquitously connected.”

The emerging 3D printing market is an exciting market to watch. Cloud computing could continue to shape the way 3D printing is developed. With free cloud based collaboration tools such as 3DSPRINT, it becomes easier for entry level 3D modeling enthusiasts to begin to go from hobbyist to the next global manufacturing entrepreneur.