Cloud Based Asset Management Startup Goes Live

Australian software development group Cloud Awakening is officially launching its new cloud based asset management platform for small to medium sized enterprises. The app is called and it was designed with simplicity in mind. Chris Peterson, Cloud Awakening’s CEO, has a background working at IBM and at SalesForce on these types of projects.

In recent comments, Peterson highlighted that was designed in a way that would “fill an important gap in the market for SMBs searching for a way to streamline and reduce the costs associated with management of their assets.” He conceded that there is competition. He noted, “While there are a range of options available for large companies, they’ve tended to be too expensive and complex for SMBs.”  Peterson believes that there is untapped potential in the SMB section. Peterson says, “Many have had to rely on little more than documents and Excel spreadsheets to get the job done. We want to provide the capabilities of an enterprise-grade solution for SMBs.”

In further explaining Asset.Guru, Peterson mentions, “Fixed Asset Management is all we do – we are all about efficiencies, maximizing your depreciation and distilling the essence of what every big business are already doing.  If times are tough or your business is exploding – the message is the same – save money by maximizing depreciation.” is hosted on Amazon Web Services. The website version of is up and running and a mobile version that is built for tablets can be accessed in a couple weeks. Peterson says that implementation of is easy and he says that most clients are up and running within a day.

Peterson also notes that, “Understanding what the market requires and ensuring our software matches that requirement exactly is what we are all about; Feedback from the market has already been overwhelmingly positive – especially from bookkeepers and accountants who are confident it will add significant value to their clients businesses.”