Authentic8 Adds New Features to Secure Web Browser Lineup

Authentic8 builds secured web browsers based in the cloud that organizations can deploy within their environment. Authentic8’s flagship product, which is called Silo, is robust enough for both small businesses and large scale, corporate environments.

Authentic8 has mentioned that it has added new features to its Silo product which gives organizations the ability to offset their malware or virus concerns by providing end users a containerized, secured browsing session delivered from the cloud. Since the secured browser does not interact with the local device, it is possible to not only achieve BYOD within the environment, sensitive data that resides on the machine is kept safe since a virtual layer exists between the local machine and the cloud delivered browser. Silo executes the new browser session in what Authentic8 calls a sandbox and once the browser is closed, the browsing session is completely cleared and the next browser opened will be a separate, independent instance thus keeping the local system safe from malicious attacks.

“These enhancements for infosec researchers are a direct response to the needs of our users,” says Authentic8’s CEO and founder Scott Petry. “Silo is a platform, and we will continue to enhance and extend its capabilities. Our customers are constantly pulling Silo into new business processes. By moving the browser to the cloud and by extending the environment with a policy and configuration capability, they have embraced Silo across industries and roles,” added Petry.

Authentic8 goes on to mention that its product is the most flexible cloud browsing product available to enterprises. Silo’s toolbox allows users to start their browsing session from different parts of the globe, run multiple configurations within one session for testing, all while including a temporary file system which can also assist web developers in building out and testing web based applications. Authentic8’s Silo pricing starts out as little as $15 per month. Authentic8’s website notes that it also provides free trials upon request.