BlueBox Gets $10M for Private Cloud Services

BlueBox is no stranger to the enterprise arena. The Seattle based startup began its endeavors in 2003 providing hosting and media solutions to some of the biggest names in media. Today, has customers such as MTV, VH1 and others. With receiving $10M in venture funding, the hosting providers turned private cloud service provider looks to battle against some of the biggest private cloud vendors in the world. BlueBox did not mention who they received their $10M in funding from but the company does boast that it has received over $18M in funding to date. employs 55 people which impressive considering founder Jesse Proudman started his empire while in college. Voyager Capital and Founders Collective have invested in BlueBox in the past and it is unclear if the two venture capital firms participated in the latest round.

Jesse Proudman mentioned, ” Our goal is to take many of the benefits of public cloud, particularly elasticity and time to market … and combine them with all of the benefits of private cloud — control over the environment, control over cost, security and performance.”

Proudman also mentioned that “Public cloud is here forever.” He continued, “It is a wonderful set of technologies, and we are not trying to compete head-to-head with public cloud. We think there are certainly workloads that make sense to run in those environments. Our goal is to provide a solution for small to medium enterprises that have existing workloads running in their own data centers today, and are looking for a technology stack that gives them the ability to build next-generation applications on cloud infrastructure that integrates back with existing technologies.”

BlueBox CEO Matthew Schlitz, who is known for leadership role at Tier 3 before being acquired by CenturyLink, mentions that the market for cloud is hot in Seattle and it has caused BlueBox to need to double its workforce, which is what much of this investment capital could be used for.