Cisco Acquires Metacloud for OpenStack as a Service

Cisco Systems has announced that they have inked a deal to acquire Metacloud. The Metacloud service notoriously delivers Openstack as a Service within a client’s private data center. Cisco believes that the Metacloud offering can help Cisco’s Intercloud network which can then be leveraged to power the “Internet of Everything.” The deal between Cisco and Metacloud makes sense because Cisco is heavily vested into OpenStack as being its cloud platform of choice.

An unnamed Cisco representative commented, “For enterprise clients, Cisco and our partners will offer Metacloud’s OpenStack offering as a service to enable hybrid IT solutions.” The rep continued his comments by saying, “Metacloud’s team and technology will complement Cisco’s existing cloud services team and partners to help advance our Intercloud delivery by providing the broadest choice across private, public and hybrid clouds, across distributions, in heterogeneous infrastructure environments and on-premise and off.”

Hilton Romanski, a Senior VP at Cisco Corporate Development, was quoted in a press release as saying, “We believe Metacloud’s technology will play a critical role in enabling our customers to experience a seamless journey to a new world of many clouds, providing choice, flexibility and data governance.”

Its no secret that Cisco is investing heavily into is cloud business. The main driver behind the purchase of Metacloud was the OpenStack technology it possesses. Most cloud business experts believe that this move falls in line with Cisco’s pledge to spend a billion dollars on cloud. Cisco did not mention how much it had spent to acquire Metacloud as the amount will likely be disclosed later.

Cisco is likely to snatch up a few other cloud startups to include in its umbrella of offerings. A Cisco rep mentions, “While we can’t comment on potential future acquisitions, they are a part of [our cloud business] strategy, as demonstrated by today’s news.”