Clients Praise BrightFunnel As It Grabs $2.5M in Funding

BrightFunnel was formed in order help B2B marketers gain useful business intelligence. BrightFunnel takes this approach further with their innovative predictive analytics cloud that is set to revolutionize the industry. By giving B2B marketers a predictive analysis tool, they can better analyze the potential impact of their business decisions and make preparations accordingly.

Nadim Hossain, CEO of BrightFunnel, was candid in regards to explaining BrightFunnel. Hossain said, “Marketers can no longer afford to rely on vanity metrics — they must connect marketing efforts directly to revenue. BrightFunnel’s B2B marketing attribution platform enables just that.”

In a press release, BrightFunnel’s successes were shared by BrightFunnel client HootSuite. Julian Hannabass from HootSuite mentioned, “By measuring the revenue impact of our marketing investments, we have increased our focus on marketing activities that drive results, and have brought sales and marketing closer together.”

Dan Leary, a Vice President with Nimble Storage, also praised BrightFunnel by saying, “Data-driven decision making has been a foundation of Nimble Storage’s success; BrightFunnel has given us valuable new insights into the true impact of our marketing activities on the business. As a result, we’re making smarter investments with the confidence that we can support continued rapid growth.”

Jon Miller from Marketo comments on BrightFunnel saying, “The rise of predictive intelligence is one of the most important trends to watch in marketing technology. BrightFunnel is on the cutting edge of that trend, providing analytic solutions for our joint customers. We’re proud that BrightFunnel has chosen to be a Marketo integrated partner.”

BrightFunnel describes itself as the only predictive analytics cloud for those within the B2B marketplace. BrightFunnel gives organizations the insight they need in order to make decisions and measure the impact of said decision before the decision itself is actually executed. Investors in BrightFunnel are Resolute Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Crosslink Capital and Tekton Ventures.