Cloud to Power the Rise of Drones and Robots

It might sound like science fiction but according one senior level executive at Dell, we aren’t too far away from having cloud powered drones and robots. The rise of cloud has led developers to question what limits they can push considering they have the power to leverage a super computer if needed. Google recently mentioned that their line up of self driving cars would be powered by cloud computing technology. When you take that fact into account, you must ask yourself what other sophisticated tasks machine learning combined with cloud computing technology can carry out. The sky seems to be the limit.

Martin Yates, a Director at Dell’s offices in the Asia Pacific, was recently quoted in an interview as saying, “You’ll see an acceleration of cloud computing in areas like drones.” Yates continued my adding that in future, when you call a company asking for customer service, “You won’t know if you’re talking to a computer or a human.”

Yates was quick to denote that Dell does not have plans to sell drones or robots. Dell is leveraging its vast network of consultants and suppliers to fulfill orders that will assist data center engineers in implementing automation solutions for cloud which could theoretically be used in these sophisticated tasks.

When you think about all of the emerging technologies on the horizon, many of them implement cloud in some way, shape or form. Cloud computing will power even the most high tech automation solutions that will become common in our every day human lives. Researchers and IT analysts mention that self driving cars that are powered  by the cloud are on the way within the next decade. Cloud will also power home robotic units that are expected to become available to consumers which can be programmed to do menial tasks such vacuum or perform other household chores.