Comcast Continues Cloud DVR Rollout in Select Markets

Comcast has made significant improvements to its cloud DVR service. The newest release of the product being dubbed the X1 video platform has been rolled out to 8 test markets through out the United States. The latest market to get the newest rollout of the Comcast Cloud DVR service is the San Francisco area. Users who subscribe to the new Comcast Cloud DVR can anticipate several features that will help improve their video viewing experience both at home and on the go.

Comcast has taken its Cloud DVR service to the next level. Users can record their favorite show, store the show in Comcast’s cloud and watch the show at a later date from any device including a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Comcast’s cloud DVR service uses an app that can be downloaded onto most mobile platforms that allows subscribers to remotely login to their Cloud DVR. This means that those who utilize WiFi/4G and other high speed bandwidth access points will be able to stream their favorite shows seamlessly. The apps functionality only begins with this feature; users can login to the app and remotely setup their cloud enabled cable box to record up to 4 shows simultaneously. Users get up to 500GBs of space to store their shows.

Comcast SVP Matt Straus candidly commented on the new service’s availability by saying, “These new features– live in-home streaming and X1 DVR with cloud technology — give our customers more flexibility for watching their favorite shows and movies in and out of their home.” Strauss continues, “Now any screen in the house can become a personal TV, and recorded programs can be accessed anytime.”

Comcast representatives have been noted as saying that they believe the new X1 Cloud video on demand service will be available in most markets by the end of 2014 while the rest of Comcast’s markets will get the new technology by the beginning of 2015.