Up and Coming Data Center Appliances for 2015

Data center appliances are gaining in popularity due to their set-and-forget nature. A data center appliance sits in your data center and performs a specific task that enables you to administrate your network easier and more effectively. Many of the world largest data center equipment manufacturers have begun to build data center appliances in order gain market share in this booming vertical. You might be wondering, “What are some of the top data center appliances I should look out for in 2015?”


With Sophos’ acquisition of Mojave Networks, the information technology security provider has positioned itself to provide cloud security offerings to the most sophisticated networks. Mojave Networks is known for promising a “Advanced Security for a Mobile World.” Sophos mentioned that it would begin implementing Mojave Networks technology into Sophos new lineup of data center appliances that are designed to ensure network security inside of your data center.

Acronis nScaled Disaster Recovery

Planning for disaster recovery used to be a tedious process that included a ton of overhead as well as an immense amount of planning. Acronis recently acquired nScaled’s data center appliance business that will provide organizations with an onsite disaster recovery solution that is designed to be easier than previous methods of setting up this complex recovery service.

In relation to buying nScaled’s data center appliance business, Acronis CEO Serguei Beloussov said, “With the addition of nScaled technology, we provide a capability to restore to the cloud, and customers can restore their operations without waiting for replacement hardware to restore on-premises.” Acronis has since set itself apart from other DRaaS offerings by being able to offer this unique technology. Acronis mentions that its nScaled data center appliance line up with ship in 2015.

Zadara Storage

Zadara Storage is a storage solution that is shipped into your data center as an appliance. Zadara storage uses its patented virtual private storage array which CEO Nelson Nahum mentions is, “enterprise storage as a service with NAS and SAN features billed by the hour, without upfront fees or long-term commitments.” In an exclusive interview , Nahum describes Zadara storage as being able to “Provide it either on your premises (for both Enterprises and public cloud and managed service providers who wish to provide our enterprise Storage as a Service to their clients) and as a pure service in public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.  We like to say Zadara is Cloud Storage Done Right (finally) and that it’s time for customers to Stop Buying Storage.”