Disney Leverages Cloud to Deliver Movies on Demand

Disney Movies Anywhere is a new service launched on Android that will allow you to watch your favorite Disney movies on your mobile device delivered using the cloud. Disney and Google have been working on launching its video on demand service which will allow users to buy their favorite Disney movies through the Google Play store. Once an end user buys the movie, they own the movie.

Disney believes that its endeavors into cloud will allow them to target customers with their favorite titles before the customers are able to watch the videos on Netflix or on Amazon Prime. There is often a long wait time before titles are released on these mediums and Disney believes it can sell more movies by directly engaging the customer with its new cloud solution and mobile app.

What if you already own the movie? What if you purchased it through iTunes? Disney’s solution is ask consumers who have previous purchased a Disney movie to search for the digital copy coupon code. This code will allow them to connect their Google Play account with their Disney account and any Disney titles purchased through iTunes will now be instantly available in Google Play.

Disney Movie Anywhere also has an app available on Google Play. The iOS version of the Disney Movie Anywhere app is almost exactly the same as the Google Play version except the Google version allows users to enable Chromecast. You might remember that Chromecast is the app that allows you to view movies on your TV screen.

While it is true that Google Play’s Movies app would largely do the same job, the Disney app is being packaged with exclusive features that will help enhance the viewers experience. The app will allow you to jump around within the movie just like a DVD based on the movies chapters. This can be helpful if you’re setting up a movie for your kids to watch on your Samsung tablet and you’d like to skip to their favorite part. The app also allows viewers to stop watching the movie in one spot on one device while the user could pick up another device and load the Disney Movie Anywhere app and begin watching the same movie at the same spot that they left off.