Docker Bags $40M in Venture Capital Funding

Docker has become one of the most talked about startup ventures as of late. It was recently reported that Docker had dumped part of its operation called dotCloud back in August in order to focus strictly on its application container development platform. Sources are reporting that Docker has raised another $40 million in venture capital funding.

“Clearly, Docker has become a thing,” said Docker CEO Ben Golub. In an interview with VB, Golub was candid about his vision for Docker. Golub said, “We’re super excited, and obviously there’s lots of competition now, too. We really need to execute well and fast.”

Experts note that the Docker technology has a chance to revolutionize the way we administrate our cloud applications. Some analysts believe that Docker could become an application delivery standard while others believe that Docker could replace the concept virtual machines altogether.

Golub went on to say, “I think that we have the opportunity to build a truly world-class company that, you know, changes the way we build, ship, and run applications and that goes for a big IPO and beyond, and that’s how we’re organizing the company.” Golub continues, “We clearly wouldn’t have taken a big round at a big valuation if we were planning on selling in the near future.”

As of now, Docker has received over 21 million downloads. Docker has picked up mainstream support since Docker support has been integrated into Azure, Google Cloud, Red Hat, IBM and AWS cloud services. CoreOS and CenturyLink have also incorporated Docker’s technology into their environments.

In regards to the explosion in popularity of Docker, Golub said, “We’re starting to see very significant — I would call it pilot usage in the more traditional enterprises. Virtually every large bank has a Docker-related pilot of some kind, and lots of government agencies are using Docker. We’ve had health care companies using Docker.”