EMC to Deliver Enterprise Hybrid Cloud in 28 Days

Organizations of all sizes have shifted their enterprise cloud focus over the past year and a half. The public cloud was once thought only to be only suitable for development and testing at the enterprise level. As larger organizations became more comfortable using cloud in their environments, the need for more complex cloud solutions such as spanning public and private clouds to create a hybrid cloud became necessary.

There’s several ways to create a hybrid cloud. The newest and perhaps easiest way to facilitate a hybrid cloud comes from EMC’s new hybrid cloud product lineup. The storage giant is redefining itself in the era of cloud in IT. EMC has recently purchased three companies that are expected to help the storage giant compete in the hybrid cloud arena.

It was recently reported on EMC’s purchase of CloudScaling. It is being reported that EMC has also purchased 2 other companies to compliment the hybrid cloud push. Maginatics, as CPO describes, is a “Cloud technology provider offering a global namespace accessible from any device or location, unlocking enterprise hybrid cloud choice and flexibility for EMC customers and partners through interfaces into a variety of private and public clouds.” EMC has also purchased a company called Spanning. This startup helps provide month-to-month cloud hosted back up and disaster recovery options for enterprise data. EMC’s hybrid cloud also allows you to include different public cloud vendors such as Azure, AWS and more. EMC goes on to say that they believe they can give enterprises hybrid cloud within 28 days.

David Goulden, CEO of EMC Information Infrastructure mentions, “What we have here is a trifecta of customer choice for hybrid cloud environments.” Goulden continues by mentioning, “Each company offers unique technology for delivering cloud abstraction and flexibility for customers. Together with the new EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution, EMC customers and partners are better positioned than ever to capitalize on the promise of hybrid clouds and deliver the agility of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) that their businesses require.”