Firedrive Downtime Approaching 1 Month: Is It Ever Coming Back?

Users of the Firedrive service have expressed frustration in social media regarding the lack of response that they have received since the Firedrive cloud storage application has mysteriously gone defunct. The downtime has lasted several weeks and many users are starting to ask the question, “Is it ever coming back?” More importantly, the bigger question is: “What actually happened?” Did FireDrive get hacked? Were government agencies responsible for the downfall of Firedrive? Is Firedrive CEO Joseph Turner sitting on a tropical island sipping a fruity drink?

Searches in Google provide no little to no data for CEO Joseph Turner. Most references to Turner are from press releases sent from Firedrive. Mr. Turner does not appear to have a social media account and since there are so many people named Joseph Turner, it makes it difficult for internet sleuths to pinpoint the correct Joseph Turner. On the Firedrive Facebook page, users are furious over the lack of response due to the sites downtime.

Commenter Boris Flutes writes on October 16th, “I had just signed up and uploaded gigabytes of personal stuff like pictures and videos, then the site went down. This sucks. The home page us back up but all links are dead. No way to log in. No statement, nothing…”

Another commenter, Phoenix Rysing, comments on October 13th saying, “Time to cut my losses. I just stopped the credit card and told them it was fraud and that was that. It will be a LOOOOONG time before I do a “Cloud” anything.”

Since the first feature piece of on the Firedrive outage, nothing on the site seems to have changed. There is no official response as to what happened to cause the outage and all of the symptoms of the outage still persist. Users are unable to login from the website. All hosted videos that are found in search engine results play several seconds of stock studio footage from companies such as Warner Bros.

Does this suggest that the MPAA or the federal government had something to do with Firedrive’s disappearing act? It should also be noted that advertisements are still functional on these videos found in search engine results. This suggests that someone or some entity is still receiving revenues from the Firedrive advertisements.