Gartner Report Reveals Cloud Computing’s Top Myths

The cloud is an abstract way of looking at computing. After the celebrity photo leak scandal, many media pundits began questioning the security of the cloud while other pundits said that you should never store private data in the cloud. Gartner, the leader in research within the information technology sector, has just published a report that talks about the top 10 biggest myths that surround cloud computing.

In this report, Gartner drills down into many of the common misconceptions people have when they talk about cloud. VP and Fellow at Gartner David Mitchell Smith said, “From a consumer perspective, ‘in the cloud’ means where the magic happens, where the implementation details are supposed to be hidden.” Smith continues, “So it should be no surprise that such an environment is rife with myths and misunderstandings.”

Gartner’s press release expounds on David Mitchell Smith’s comments by saying, “These myths slow things down, impede innovation and induce fear, thus distracting from real progress, innovation and outcomes.”

Below is a list (in order) of what Gartner Research says are the top 10 cloud computing myths:

1. Cloud Is Always About Money

2. You Have To Be Cloud To Be Good

3. The Cloud Should Be Used For Everything

4. “The CEO said so” Is A Cloud Strategy

5. We Need One Cloud Strategy Or Vendor

6. Cloud Is Less Secure Than On-Premises Capabilities

7. Cloud Is Not For Mission-Critical Use

8. Cloud = Data Center

9. Mitigating To The Cloud Means You Automatically Get All Cloud Characteristics

10. Virtualization = Private Cloud

The press release goes on to say that Gartner plans on talking about this research at some of their upcoming events. You can attend the Outlook for Cloud at Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit 2014 which is being held during the dates of November 24-25th in London, UK.