GitHub Enterprise Now Available on AWS

Amazon Web Services has announced that the popular software development tool GitHub has been included in that latest update to its popular cloud computing platform. This announcement instantly gives Amazon Web Services a leg up on other IaaS providers given the fact that thousands of enterprises use GitHub to assist in building applications. Tech analysts believe that this new cloud version of GitHub will significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to build and release software throughout an enterprise.

Chris Wanstrath helped found GitHub and he mentions that there are over 17 million repositories available to developers. Wanstrath highlights the sudden emergence of GitHub by noting that GitHub only had 10 million repositories at the beginning of 2014. GitHub doesn’t intend on remaining loyal to just Amazon Web Services. Github notes that it plans on being available on other IaaS providers in the near future.

Wanstrath recently said in an interview, “We know a lot of smaller companies want to use A.W.S; Now were also hearing from big companies that they’ve got top-down directives to get rid of their corporate data centers and move to the cloud.” Wanstrath follows up his comments by mentioning, “Amazon is the one we’re starting with… Over the next few years, some of the biggest companies will be shutting down practically all of their data centers.”

GitHub notes the differences between their free and enterprise accounts. A free account will give you access to the GitHub repositories however if you would want to ensure privacy of your code alongside enhanced security measures to develop privately, the enterprise version could cost your organization as little as $20 per month with volume discounts factored in.

The timing of this announcement couldn’t be better for Amazon Web Services considering the fact that Amazon plans on hosting a conference in Vegas for cloud administrators this week. Cloud providers are looking for innovative ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and AWS seems to be the first large scale cloud provider that will provide full interoperability with GitHub.