Hitachi Data Systems & Equinix to host CaaS for Private Cloud

Hitachi Data Systems is redefining itself in this era of cloud. News broke that Hitachi Data Systems has  inked a deal with Equinix allowing HDS to host its CaaS offering inside of Equinix IBX datacenters. CaaS is Hitachi’s lingo for Compute as a Service. Representatives from Hitachi Data Systems mentions that companies will save money by using the pay as you go strategy while having all of the benefits of an onsite datacenter that is hosted in Equinix’s world class data centers.

Jim Poole from Hitachi Data Systems mentions, “To achieve optimal performance and cost benefits in the cloud, enterprises are actively consolidating IT assets, positioning systems within strategically located datacenters, and ensuring access to multiple cloud providers.” Poole also said in another interview, “This partnership with HDS helps companies achieve cloud success by offering fully managed enterprise platforms that are delivered within secure, highly available IBX data centres around the world.”

In an interview with iTWire, Hitachi Data System Chief Technology Officer Adrian De Luca said “We’ve positioned ourselves to deliver the hybrid cloud experience. Can we take public cloud and make it better? Yes we can.”

Hitachi Data Systems VP Emmanuel Goutallier said, “Equinix was a logical partner to extend customer value for our Hitachi Cloud compute as a service offering.” Mr. Goutallier also adds, “Together with Equinix, we achieve a true hybrid cloud solution that provides end-to-end elastic solutions that leverage the best of both private and public cloud. With data centers throughout the globe, Equinix was a great fit for our global customers who were interested in the flexibility, agility and economic advantage provided by our managed cloud solution.”

Hitachi Data Systems believes that it can reinvent itself as a private cloud vendor and now that they have the help of Equinix, it looks like the reinvention might just work.