HP Buys Eucalyptus to Offer Cloud Compatibility Products

Eucalyptus is known in the cloud arena as being an open source offering that gives private cloud engineers the tools they need work seamlessly with Amazon Web Services APIs. Eucalyptus helps organizations pool together their resources such as compute, network and storage which in turn gives end users the ability to tap into on-demand resources within hybrid and private clouds.

It is being reported that HP has purchased Eucalyptus for an undisclosed amount. HP has largely shied away from mergers and acquisitions considering their last notable acquisition was quite the flop. HP once ponied up $11 billion for Autonomy, which proved to be a catastrophe according to some analysts. HP’s acquisition of Eucalyptus seems much more methodical than the Autonomy deal and the PC giant looks to stretch further into cloud by picking up one of the marquis names in hybrid and private cloud.

“We want to be able to go to those customers and say, ‘When you go with HP Helion, we give you that level of choice.’ We’re not going to try to have you bet just on our public cloud,” says Bill Hilf, SVP at HP Cloud.

Many analysts are describing this deal as having multiple benefits for HP. Not only can they increase the profile of their private cloud offerings , the HP team gains valuable experience by onboarding all of the talent of the Eucalyptus team. Marten Mickos, the CEO of Eucalyptus, will transition into a Vice President and General Manager role reporting directly to HP CEO Meg Whitman. Mickos is notable for his role in the development of MySQL, which was previously purchased by Sun Microsystems for nearly $1 billion.

Eucalyptus, which was founded in 2007, will retain is Goleta, CA office while operating under the HP cloud brand. Before the acquisition, Eucalyptus was awarded over $55 million in funding from venture capital. Although dollar figures have not been announced, many speculate that the purchase of Eucalyptus was at least a 9 figure deal.