IBM Ports Cognos & SPSS into SaaS; IBM Insight Update

News coming out of the IBM Insight 2014 conference being held in Las Vegas suggests that two of the most popular IBM business analytics titles will soon find a place in the IBM SoftLayer cloud. IBM SPSS and IBM Cognos are two of the worlds most popular business analytics applications and they are expected to be fully run in the cloud by 2015.

These two software titles are ideal to host in the cloud because as IBM VP Eric Sall said, “We manage the infrastructure, and this allows you to scale more easily and get started with less upfront investment,” which sounds like a win-win for both enterprises and IBM. Research from Gartner suggests that 1 out 4 business analytic software suites will reside in the cloud by 2016.

IBM mentioned that these two software titles can be evaluated in the cloud while they are being deployed in preview mode. Although Cognos will be hosted in the cloud, the data that Cognos can sift through can exist on premises or in the cloud. IBM SPSS will have its commercial version published in the cloud within the next 30 days. ComputerWorld notes that “This package will include all the SPSS components for statistics based predictive modeling, such as a modeler server, analytics decision management software and a statistics server.”

In other IBM news, the IBM Insight 2014 analytics conference is just wrapping up. The conference started on the 27th and ends on the 29th. Those who were on hand were able to meet some of the brightest minds in business analytics. Special guest speakers were on hand including world renown actor Kevin Spacey and former Mythbusters host Grant Imahara. More information about the IBM Insight 2014 conference including videos of product demonstrations and replays of keynote speeches can be found on the Insight 2014 page.