KeyNexus Launches Universal Key Storage as a Service

The flagship product for KeyNexus is its innovative Key Storage as a Service in the cloud functionality. One of the biggest hurdles for businesses large and small is being able to retrieve your encryption keys. KeyNexus simplifies this process by delivering Hardware Security Modules as a Service therefore businesses of any size can now login to their AWS accounts and begin using the service located in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

It’s no secret that cloud security is on the minds of everyone. Several months ago, a cloud storage scandal led to the leaks of many private photographs taken by celebrities. This high profile story, covered in depth previously, as well other cloud security risks that have made their way into the news cycle have some CIOs on edge in regards to whether or not they should move certain services into the cloud. With KeyNexus, much of these concerns are squashed since you will be able to encrypt your data and keep the keys handy with KeyNexus.

KeyNexus’s press release explains their innovation by saying, “Other security controls such as firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion detection, data loss prevention, and more have successfully migrated to the cloud, but traditional enterprise HSMs have struggled due to cost, complexity and very limited integration use cases. KeyNexus is addressing these pain points by pioneering universal access to affordable HSMs in the Cloud. HSMs are one of the last major security controls still left in the datacenter. HSMs protect cryptographic keys and are a crucial security control that many enterprises say is imperative for baseline security in the cloud.”

KeyNexus Founder Jeff MacMillan mentions, “Using the KeyNexus platform, businesses of all sizes can now protect their cloud or enterprise data by implementing enterprise-grade, hardware-based encryption key storage and are never required to give up ownership or management of their encryption keys; By making it quick, easy and affordable to benefit from real HSMs, from any number of cloud, SaaS or mobile platforms, our goal is to help businesses securely migrate more workloads the cloud to maximize their benefits from cloud consumption.”