LifeSize Adds IE Support for Video Cloud Collaboration Suite

LifeSize is rapidly innovating its video conferencing platform by continuously adding new features and support. On Wednesday, LifeSize mentioned that it would expand its cloud based platform to include support for Internet Explorer. Currently, LifeSize was only compatible with Google Chrome. LifeSize, which is owned and operated by Logitech, began its endeavors to deliver a cloud based video collaboration platform over 6 months ago. Since then, the technology has made significant strides to become a player in this emerging sector of the cloud market.

Perhaps LifeSize’s innovation stems from the return of its CEO Craig Malloy. After taking 2 years away from LifeSize, he returned to the company in the role of CEO while pitching his idea for a cloud based video communications suite. His idea was to ensure that the LifeSize cloud solution from any device regardless of where they are physically located. Malloy is quoted as saying, “Offering LifeSize Cloud on Internet Explorer provides our users with added flexibility and efficiency; We’re going into 2015 with a positive outlook, and we anticipate it will be an even bigger year for us.”

Other updates were published as well. In addition to the official support for Internet Explorer, LifeSize says that they have created a way for users on Mac and Windows to create a favorites list so that frequented video conferences can be just a click away. Administrators of the LifeSize console now have direct analytics on the usage of the software which can be used to further tailor an end users experience in the future. Brian Beasley wrote on the LifeSize blog, “Customer acceptance was tremendous, and feature requests rolled in; Every few weeks since the launch, we pushed a software update containing new functionality.”

LifeSize has found itself a niche that capitalizes on organizations wanting to get away from expensive teleconferencing hardware and software licenses. IDC mentions that video hardware sales have fallen nearly 8% in recent quarters, leaving companies such as LifeSize to benefit from the migration of video conferencing capabilities in the cloud.