Mexican Startup Nubity Inc. Launched on IBM Cloud

What was once a small Mexican startup, Nubity Inc. has recently announced plans for a partnership with technology giant IBM. This is as part of the SoftLayer Catalyst program. With offices in both Mexico and Argentina, Nubity offers both cloud monitoring and management services. These services include cloud integration for centralized and streamlined monitoring of your servers, and effective infrastructure management for enhanced application uptime. They are currently focusing only on clients within Mexico, Colombia and the US.

The Catalyst program, which is currently being integrated into the IBM Cloud Global Entrepreneur Program, is designed to empower and enable startups like Nubity Inc. by providing access to open, secure, scalable cloud infrastructure. Additionally, startups are partnered with executive mentorship to help guide them as well as the vast network of both partners and clients.

Rita Radi, the catalyst community development manager for LATAM at SoftLayer is reported as saying, “Nubity’s story is a testament to the value that IBM and SoftLayer can bring to startups. Through a comprehensive mix of consulting, a robust ecosystem and scalable global cloud infrastructure, Nubity is helping its clients gain control over their IT environments with an innovative, secure platform.”

Naturally Nubity is excited by this new partnership. Dario Peña, CEO and co-founder of Nubity Inc said, “We have found a technological partner in IBM with which we count on every time we start a new project or a daring idea.”

The latest predictions show that Nubity is expective to have around 100 percent year-over-year growth through 2015. This is not surprising as Nubity has grown more than 600 percent since the end of 2012. They have users in over 10 different countries across Latin America, Europe and the US. Within industries ranging from e-commerce, media, advertising and marketing. They also have service deployment coverage throughout all Latin American countries.